Selfie GO is social network that utilizes blockchain technology together with AR technologies and its own cryptocurrency.

We need to raise money for user acquisition. For a social network launch to be successful, especially one based on Augmented Reality, it must acquire millions of users. The more users we attract, the more virality we get, which in turn will lower our average Customer Acquisition Cost.

The presale stage softcap is 5,000,000 tokens.

The presale stage hardcap is 50,000,000 tokens.

Total amount of tokens to be sold is 100,000,000.

If we don't reach the presale softcap, we will return all of the funds and stop the ICO campaign.

If we don't reach the hardcap, we will launch the product as planned.

In reality, the caps will not hold us back from launching Selfie GO. The product is ready. Our company has already participated considerably in it and there is no reason for us not to launch it.

1. We are a risk free ICO. Our company has a 10 years long success story in game development. We know how to create products and how to launch them.

2. Our product is almost ready and will be launched in summer 2018 regardless of whether we reach the softcap or not.

3. We’ll be implementing lots of mechanics for token growth including spending 10% of revenue on buying and burning tokens, so that players are highly motivated to buy tokens and keep them inside the game.

4. We’ll be disrupting the current industry by offering a unique AR social network. Selfie GO uses AR and gamification, encouraging users to share photos, participate in weekly tournaments and create their own content.

5. We will provide monthly product reports to our presale participants, and quarterly reports to ICO participants. Participants will be able to track the product's progress.