The project is in final development stage, and you can already try it out at crypto conferences we attend

Step into the world of Social AR!

Discover exciting places in Augmented Reality, communicate and find new friends with just a few steps. Change the Augmented World around you using decentralized blockchain technology and Selfie GO tokens.

Become a Selfie GO champion!

Take a walk and search for Selfie towers in augmented reality. Rate other people's selfies, take your own and win the Selfie Battle!

Chat & Share!

Discuss Selfie GO with your friends and comment on awesome selfies and new places inside the Augmented World.

Make friends with just a few steps!

The Selfie GO News feed displays photos of your friends, users close to your location, and content placed on AR-objects within the app. You won't be lost anymore! Find a common ground with everyone everywhere!

Mutual Interest

Like and comment on people you are interested in. If they also like your content, you will both receive Mutual Interest notifications.

Invite people to a Selfie Battle!

Take photos with your friends to collect likes or challenge people in Selfie Battles. The users with the most likes at the end of the Selfie Battle will get additional Gold as a reward.