Elyland cancels token sale for Selfie GO after successful Japanese release

Dear Selfie GO investors,

After thorough internal discussions and consultations with our advisors we’ve made the decision to cancel Selfie GO initial coin offering (ICO) that was scheduled to start on December 12th.

The goal of our ICO initially was to raise some additional funds for user acquisition, PR and marketing. But overwhelmingly positive feedback after the Selfie GO release brought us to conclusion that an open token sale is no longer required to ensure the project success.

The app was well received on the Japanese market and received high praise from influential YouTube and Instagram personalities. Selfie GO is popular in Tokyo and Hong Kong and is swiftly gaining popularity in other urban centers all over Asia as well as in Great Britain, Belgium and Republic of South Africa. We’re proud to see that our app is rapidly gaining new users as more people interact with Selfie GO viral mechanics.

Initial coin offering can be a valuable tool for small startups that want to raise money to finish their product, but in our case it turned out to be redundant. during the development process we achieved success using only our own resources. Elyland has always been a profitable company that has been self-financing its products for the past 11 years and Selfie GO was finished and had an incredibly successful launch without requiring an additional budget.

We are truly grateful to everyone who took part in our pre-sale and showed their interest to invest on early stages. All gathered funds have already been returned to the investors. We appreciate your support and valuable feedback we received that helped us make the product even better.